Estimated rewards pending does not deduct after payment is drained to uphold

After payment is drained to uphold, the “Estimated rewards pending” does not deduct and does not show the correct amount.

Same with me. My Estimated Pending Rewards have not decreased either. It will alarm some of the users in the middle of the month when it decreases.


Hello, I have been wondering real hard, how have you got 14 BAT for viewing 157 ads?? So frustrating and unfair (greedy me). If we do the correct math behind this: 157 x 0.05 = 7.85, you are supposed to get 7.85 BAT.
I have viewed 60 ads and the math behind that is 60 x 0.05 = 3, I am supposed to get 3 BAT, But I HAVE 0.5 BAT??? What the Brave is this type of scam?

Check It shows amount of BATs paid for each ad. I think its something like 0.01, 0.005, 0.0025 BATs. It varies with region though.

The BATs are not deducted after draining to uphold. That’s all. It is not the correct amount you see.

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