Estimated pending rewards changed

I had about .6ish BAT pending rewards yesterday, Now it lists me as having .065 BAT after receiving 31 ads. Do you change the pending reward amount intentionally/based on BATs current price or is this a bug? If this is the intended functionality then i am unsure of the value of watching your ads and also why i would use your browser or promote it’s use to others.

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The value per ad is typically determined by the advertiser. You can see what Ads are running in your region and how much they’re each valued at by viewing the following page:

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You didn’t explain why the ads that i already watched seemingly changed in estimated value. Your app seems to have reduced my estimated pending rewards value by a factor of 10. Please explain my specific case, not a link to the ads and their description.


I’m having the exact same problem. 4.1 yesterday and 0.3 today

I have the same problem!

That has nothing to do with the question. On second thought, it could if some of the ads are worth negative BAT but I couldn’t find any of those

Same problem here. My balance suddenly dropped from over 1 BAT to 0.06 BAT. My ADs count is still 116 for this month. Any help?

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