Estimated pending reward not reset from two months

why my estimated pending reward still not reset from 2 months?
and I see from promotion section on rewards internals page has not available the latest reward (2 months August and Sept.1).
I think this is a bug.


Well add me in the counter bug XD.


i also have same problem pls help me

oh i forget to follow this bug @ambrocioisaias2808 @ariffudin @asadbaig25

just question did you get paid this month sept and if you did ? did you get paid in double ? i know the payment still under work so can not ask if you did not get paid at least for now

if you get paid in double send me half of it :joy:

just kidding and thanks for report it and you can donate the extra bat to

and hope they fix it soon and have a nice day


LoL lol :joy:

I got paid but just the amount i have earned this month, apearently it´s just a bug in the counter, the payments are process correctly

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and i was thinking that i will get tons of donation :joy: oh my bad luck

congratulations for your payment :slight_smile:

same with mine. I have not yet received the payment for this month and the estimated pending rewards is not reset for the past months.

another concern: in Brave Rewards Wallet Activity.
If I changed month, it will still show “September 2020” in the heading but the contents has changed to the set month that I wanna view

Aeoakowkaowkok LOL :rofl:

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Same this is my 2 months worth of hardwork !
Help me @steeven

Payment ID: af4c4afc-6cf5-4885-b298-1b8419baf2e5

Brave version: 1.12.113 Chromium: 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Revision: d0784639447f2e10d32ebaf9861092b20cfde286-refs/branch-heads/4147@{#1059}

OS: Android 9; vivo 1906 Build/PKQ1.190616.001


Same here. I have pending awards and I stopped receiving ads in July. I tried trouble-shooting and rebooted my computer. I uninstalled and reinstalled the browser and checked all settings. I believe this is a bug and not a user error.

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Me too…i was not paid both on my mobile and laptop from 2 months…last payout was in july…

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could you please remove your id

Just for an update on mine, I received my payout yesterday. And the pending rewards has reset for the previous month (August). However, the July payout amount was still there.

Me too, now i have the same issue as you.


I have not been paid anything on Brave since February. I asked support about this several times and still they have done nothing.

I’m also having the same problem for last 2 months. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Please see - Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold.

I have been facing this problem from the start of August. The amount doesn’t change. And the amount of BAT received has changed drastically even if my internet usage hasn’t changed much.

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