Estimated pending reward disappeared and lost all bat

today is 7 nov and i opend my laptop my all estimated pending rewards suddenly disappear without any reason . it has been 6 hr but it did not came back. does anyone facing similar issue or it is happining with me only.


Yep all my bat has reset to 0.

Very annoying.


Same for me, just started using Brave a couple of weeks ago, had roughly one BAT coming for October and i had already set up and linked a gemini wallet, when i log on today the pending award has gone and my history shows zero earned for October

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Neither Uphold or Brave Software will help me with this issue for months. I think we should all file a class action lawsuit.


Go brave Twitter page and tweet about it so other can be aware about it.


@Shubhampatel @buttons18 @leedee Did box 1 disappeared or circle 2 disappeared? Did circle 3 also reset to 0.

Have you tried relaunching the browser?

i tried everthing noting happend

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Im not even sure where you see that specific screen in settings. I checked my statement in Brave Rewards it shows 0 earned for October

Same issue here, this also happened last month. Very frustrating issue.

did you get your bat after this issue

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You can find it on brave://rewards/ and View Details under Ads on Android (that’s where my pic is from) and simply at brave://rewards/ on desktop.

If only Box 1 (in the pic) disappeared then its normal, you haven’t lost your bats and you will get your payout. If circle 2 and 3 reset to zero, it could be different issue. You will have to tag someone from support then.

No, unfortunately still waiting for my rewards since September and after.

Same annoying thing here !!

I am also having this same issue. BAT rewards for September or October have not showed up in my Gemini wallet

Facing the same problem

Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please see this thread for updates - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!