Estimated payouts are stuck from long time. not yet rewarded

estimated payouts are stuck from long time its not claiming at all,
please help me
i have estimated balance since may and its not claiming in brave browser.
please help me anyone i want to get my payout.
its more than 20 30 bat please.

Wallet payment ID: d671bd24-241b-4aaa-be25-5b33bf7d46e1


Wallet payment ID: ba4cbc11-cc0a-4443-b2a5-80d10a8b4e50

OS : Windows 10
Brave version:
Version 1.29.79 Chromium: 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Please look into this…
And kindly provide me with my 30 bats plz

hello please check the issue… @steeven

I have submitted the wallet id also plz help me to solve my issue

Hi @sam107, what’s the email linked to your Uphold?

this is the email id linked with the uphold.


Thank you. Just sent.

But u have send only 2.37 bat
What is that for???
I told u there was 30 bat something or more
Please check the message properly and check it @steeven

HI @sam107, the amount I pulled is from the original screenshot that your provided

in screenshots there is 6 bat u can see… but the thing is there was pending bats or 16 in one browser and 22 bat pending in other brave browser which was not credited and suddenly vanished thats why i was asking there was more than 30 35 bat i guess which was not created help me
kindly check the message and screenshots properly

hey @steeven please look into it and give me the proper BAT please
that would be appreciable.