Estimated Earnings not updated after payment

My estimated rewards have been accumulating since March when I joined.

I received a payment of 4.7 bat which is about accurate because on April 5 my estimated rewards were about 5.5 bat.

However ever since the payment my estimated rewards have not subtracted the earnings that I have received and has still been accumulating to now 7 bat.

Will this counter be reduced by the amount I got paid after all payments get processed or will I just have to constantly subtract the amount that I got paid previously from the estimated rewards to figure out my next payment amount?

I am using Brave Rewards on a MacBook using an Intel processor if this is a system specific issue.

Edit: I guess i’ll also clarify both my MacBook Pro (i7) and my brave browser are both completely up to date.

I’ve the same problem and I’m also using a MacBook Pro.

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