Estimated bat and arriving bats are not same

In my mobile My estimated reward is 3 bat but shows only 2.5 bat which is arriving. And in my laptop estimated rewards 4.5 bat but shows only 3.8 bat which is arriving…
Last month I faced this same problem
please fix this issue and refund my bat

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The difference bat will be credited back

How much time to take ???

Hi, this is true, in fact i have “to receive in 6 days” exaxctly 15,22% less than my full october earning in my home and work computers. In both machines, the arriving bat is exactly 15,22% less than expected.

Is there any hidden fee or there is an error?

In my experience that estimated BAt is usually less than what actually comes during payout. Keep track of it and check once your payouts are complete. i think what happens is mistakes in ad values that they correct, for example, new tab page ads notoriously for me payout like .09 BAT instead of .010.

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I received the difference bat immediately

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