Estimate pending rewards + monthly ads notify not correct in ios

In my iphone X i’ve downloaded and used for 4-5 days brave browser.
i’ve received 7-8 ads but the “Brave reward” panel display “notified ads this month = 0” , waiting reward is only at 0,1 bat,
another problem is that i can’t find the button to open the list of all received ads, as in the desktop browser. can you help me?

Hi @Papo86,

Thanks for reporting. What Brave version are you currently on (iOS)?

Versione 1.14.2 ( On iPhone X iOS 13.3
Thank you

Today another 4/5 Ads clicked and viewed , Nothing Changed… note: cell synced with my PC maybe part of problem? Happening to someone else? image|230x500

EDIT +3hr : now the counter is 1 :sweat_smile: :smile: (today clicked 5-6 ads)

Hi @Papo86 - did you receive your Ads payout on the 5th?

yes 0.1 bat XD :slight_smile: in the last day no ads… and the counter sill blocked

same thing for me on my ipad and iphone. And this morning i have loose some BAT on my iphone
1.1 BAT -> 0.7 BAT…
14 notifications and only 1.1 BAT, is it correct?