Estimate BAT hasn't changed since last month

Estimate earning for this month (March) has not changed at all, still on 0.0 when it normally goes up day after day.
Also haven’t done any changes to my browser at all. Noticed some other users reporting same issue.

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I’m seeing the same issue. (Running Brave on Ubuntu 19.10)

Hi @AngrySkull - this is still an active issue which is likely the culprit - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

Should have a fix ASAP! Please note that there is no data loss.

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still no updates? :thinking:

Hi @mindoo - realizing now that the issue I linked is different than what you were reporting. Sorry for that. Do you have an estimated payout for the April settlement? Or is it still at 0?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Steeven, tkx for your reply.

Estimated payout has been 0 for almost a month now

Looking forward for your reply

Very strange! What OS and Brave version are you on @mindoo?

Hello again Steeven.
Windows 10 Home up to date and Version 1.5.123 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thanks @mindoo! And just to confirm you did not receive a payment last night?

Tkx for your return.

Just checked my uphold account in order to double check but nothing. Last register is back early March.

@mindoo - can you DM me your Rewards Internal info?

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