Espn no longer displaying correctly on desktop

I’ve lost the ribbon menu and my favorites on espn. Working correctly in other browsers screenshot from edge with the ribbon menu and brave without.

Try with shields off.

thanks, I’ve tried that. Oddly enough I get the ribbon menu on some pages. For instance, if I choose NCAA Football and then choose full scoreboard, the ribbon menu show up. Doesn’t work for all the sub pages but does on some. But it is gone again when I go back to the home page.

Umm try disabling Hardware acceleration, as I’ve seen cases where this worked

I’ve given the path below →
Settings → Advanced → System → Hardware Acceleration

again, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, that didn’t help either. I’m hoping it is just something quirky espn did and it will clear itself up. That isn’t unusual for espn (especially for some reason with Brave).

Okay, yea I hope it gets resolved soon too! :slight_smile:

there were other pages in ESPN displaying weirdly as well. Strangely enough changing the display from 100% to 110% fixed all of it. And it stayed fixed after changing things back to 100%

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Oh that’s great, thanks for posting what helped your case. This will certainly help others! :slight_smile:

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