ESPN Login (and login again, and login again, and ...)

Hey there - I appreciate the help up front. I use ESPN for Fantasy Sports. I am able to confirm that I am logged in and the page that loads my team will start to load and then the browser page averts to a login screen. I can’t seem to get around it.

I’ve captured the error in a video: [removed link containing personal email address]

  1. You’ll see me in Brave on ESPN. I log in. I navigate to my team. The page starts loading and bombs to the log in again.
  2. You’ll see me then load the same pages in Chrome without issue.

I’ve added my about:brave screenshot as well for reference as well as my mac info.

HI @drew216, appreciate the report!
So this is likely due to a Shields issue blocking some external authentication window from displaying or going through. Try turning your Shields off and logging in again to confirm.

That said, I notice you’re still using the Muon build (v0.24.0), have you seen or heard about Brave Beta? If not, I highly suggest making the switch as, even in Beta, the build fixes many known issues present in the previous (Muon) release. Some links to get you started if you’re interested:

Brave Beta Download
Official Beta Announcement
Brave Beta Support here in Community

Additional resources:

Brave Software Twitter
Brave Support Twitter
BATProject Reddit

Thank you. Shields Down worked. I’ll try the Beta.
Note: I’m removing the Streamable link because it contains my email address.

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