Escaped ads/video panel at the side

Dear Friend (To whom is reading and helping in this issue)

Good day,

First of all, so sorry for the broken english, I hope you can understand what i wish to deliver.

Brave browser is known that free from ads while surfing the web (excluding the opt in for users who wish to earn BAT).

As for me, I think Brave browser is doing very well, but i hope that it can be better, as the ads/video is escaping the current ads blocking coding.

I used to read news (webpage), Brave browser manage to cut down a lot of ads, however there is the video panel which pop at the right bottom corner everytime i am at this press’s website.

If under wifi coverage, i am totally fine with it as the video does not consume my data quota, but most of the time i am not in a wifi zone (which means each of my surfing consumes my data).

I hope that you may help in finding out this video ads coding and block it so that there will be no video (auto play) panel popping out.

Below is the press webpage which i used to read news, and the video panel is at the right bottom corner.谭德塞:疫情远未结束-建议恢复口罩令等措施/

Below is another press webpage which have the video panel as well.

Hope after the update, the new ads blocking code can works for all plateforms (PC, Android, iOS).

Thank you very much in advance!!

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Please report:

  • Brave Browser version numbers
  • Computing device’s Operating System

Sounds like a challenge that may appeal to @fanboynz.

regarding the popout advert, add the following into brave://adblock custom filters.

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Dear famboynz

Good day and thanks for responding.

My current version is

This kind of video pop up is rather typical in most malaysia news website. Would suggest to find out the general code in blocking this kind of pop up.

Thank you very much in advance!
Really appreciate it a lot!

Thank you
Best regards

Would depend on the site, each site could be different. If it’s based on the same code would work.

##.ivs-floating-widgetbottomright (without the domain bit)

Any other sites with pop out videos, just a couple of sample links?

Just now was “china press” this one is “sin chew press”

Then yeah, just following the first post.

  1. open brave://adblock
  2. add

and then refresh the webpage. no more popout video advert

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Wow! It works like magic! Thank you very much fanboynz!

So if i see any similar pop up i do the same trick?

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Not every site will use the same type of popups, but you could try it with similar sites.

Ok, thank you very much for the help! Really appreciate it a lot!

Have a great day bro!

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