Escape key should cancel page load


I’m using Brave 0.18.14 on a Mac.

It’s pretty common for me to click a link, only to realise a split-second later that I clicked the wrong one. No problem, I’ll just reflexively hit the ‘Esc’ key and the page stops loading i.e. I stay on the current page and am free to click the correct one.

Unless I’m using Brave, in which case Escape does nothing and I’m forced to sit and wait for the incorrect page to load.

Can we get this simple feature?


Hi @millo,

I believe Esc already set and used to stop loading. Since it’s also listed here

And I have no problem when use the Esc key (on Windows). Will cc @LaurenWags for confirmation on MacOS.



Definitely not working for me at all on MacOS.


Very interesting, @millo hitting the esc key for me stops the page loading immediately.

Here’s a gif of what I see. When I hit Esc you can see that the page stops loading (I scroll a bit in the gif so you can see). Then I reloaded the page so you can compare all the stuff that loads when I let it fully load.


It works when I hit ESC after entering a URL in the address bar. I’m
talking about when I hit ESC after clicking a link. (It doesn’t work when I
hit ESC after starting to refresh the page either.)

I don’t know what else to say except that it doesn’t work :confused:


@millo could you tell me some details about your session? ex. do you have pinned tabs, many tabs open, multiple windows, do you use default shield settings? Just wondering if my approach to reproducing is too simplistic. Any details you can provide would be great.