Error with withdrawing tokens from Uphold

I can not withdraw the BAT token, it gives an error " Access denied. You don’t have permission to complete this request.". Uphold’s support said that the error is on your side and we need to contact you.
What’s the matter?

Hello @antweb

Did you trying to withdraw from Uphold to external wallet? Screenshot are welcomed as I’m not sure about your issue (only based on your post).


Thanks for the screenshot @antweb ,

I believe it’s an issue with your Uphold account as you want to withdraw from Uphold, so you’ll need to contact Uphold support team.

cc @Mattches

@eljuno is correct here – this appears to be an issue related to your Uphold account rather than Brave/BAT specifically. Please reach out to Uphold support for assistance.

@eljuno, @Mattches first of all wrote to them, they said it from your side is a problem.
And how should I be now? If you don’t help me and they don’t help
Can you communicate with each other and solve this problem together?

@eljuno, @Mattches See their official response

I still believe this is an Uphold issue (maybe an issue with your account), as you’re trying to withdraw from Uphold.

The BAT is already on your Uphold account (Brave Rewards card) and (I’m sure) Brave have no control over the balance/card on your Uphold account CMIIW.

So basically with the BAT in your Uphold, you should be able to move it between cards or even send it to external account.

Maybe @Mattches will be able to assist more (re: communication with Uphold support team)

Can you please send me a DM with the email associated with your Uphold account so I can reach out to our contacts for more information? Thank you.

@antweb Try to logout from your uphold account, and login again… there will be ask you to fill “AML” form if you did not submit yet. Than you can withdraw your BAT. In my experience.

I sent you my email to DM

It didn’t help me. Logged out and logged into your Uphold account, still no withdrawal

Did you receive my email?

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