Error when trying to update to update Beta from 0.55.14 to 0.56.5

I check add/remove programs after and it looks like it installed the mainline version:

Please let me know if there is a template that I should fill out. New to the community.

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Welcome to the Community @nophixel! :tada: :tada:

That’s the stable release sitting there above Beta, correct?
Can you tell me where you downloaded from?

Oh, and template right here! Thanks for asking actually, I thought I had put the template in the reply box of this thread but it appears I haven’t. Added now.

That is not the stable version above however. Note the version.

It appears when I try to update the Beta version I have installed.

Yep, just now trying to update beta and I’m gettin crashes as well. Let me reach out and see if anyone knows what’s going on. Thanks for reporting! Will reply back with more info.

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So it took a few attempts but I was able to update beta in-browser. I relaunched when prompted --> crashed --> restore pages --> relaunch when prompted --> crash --> restore pages until it just took. I’ve notified the team about this, still waiting on further information.

In the meantime, can you see if repeated attempts (I know, that’s super annoying) will eventually update the beta build you have installed?

Here’s my error. No crash:

Before I try to update I don’t have the stable Brave installed at all! However reaching the above error, the additional Brave is now shown (above Brave Beta), but has the beta version number! Installer mix-up at the update server?

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My 0.55.18 (Release channel) was automatically updated to 0.56.5

On github, 0.56.5 is labeled as Beta, but on the program itself there’s no mention of Beta.

Okay, lots of stuff going on in this thread :exploding_head:
I’d like to make sure I understand everything correctly, please bare with me here.

@nophixel - On your machine, you had the Brave Beta build which stood at 0.55.14 at the time of posting. When attempting to update it (in the browser, Settings -->about Brave) you were thrown the error in your picture above. During this process, instead of updating your Beta build to the next release, 0.56.5, an install with this version number instead appeared as a separate install.
:point_up: Is the above correct?

@onmyoji - You had downloaded and installed the stable build, standing at 0.55.18 onto your machine. At some point during browsing (I’m assuming) you were prompted to update the build in-browser (Settings --> About Brave, as per your picture). After initiating, your stable Brave build you had installed has now been updated to version 0.56.5 - That is, you have a Stable Release right now, sitting at that version number and if you were using the Brave Beta (I believe you were iirc), you also have that build, either sitting at the same version number or the one previous to it (0.55.14) which should be waiting to be updated.
:point_up: Is the above correct?


That is correct for me.

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I’ll weigh in with a duplicate fail. The more, the merrier [OR] Misery loves company.

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Yes, the above is correct.

The Brave Beta is still at 0.55.14, it can’t be updated. It gets the same error message as the one nophixel posted.

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Ooooookay, got everyone on the same page. Excellent. Taking this to the team right now, will return shortly. Thank you all for your patience and attention to detail!

I’m getting the same issue as @NotSoAnonymous, upgrading from the same version:

Version 0.55.14 Chromium: 70.0.3538.54 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)


Anyone here in this thread who’s getting the error message when attempting to update Beta in-browser, could you try and run the update again? A few times even would be great.
Please let me know what you find.

Getting the same error message, tried 4 or 5 times. Also tried disabling Kaspersky as that has caused a problem with several downloaded installations of Brave. Didn’t help this time.

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Thanks for reporting, still discussing on our end. Really appreciate everyone’s time/patience on this!

Not that I am any wizard, but after trying to upgrade the Beta dozens of times with no luck, I decided to revisit the official release and found it’s finally in the Chromium world as proposed. Plus, it works just fine. So, I guess I won’t worry about waiting for the “Beta” to CATCH UP to the Official Build. LOL

I was having trouble viewing a website–was getting some error message. So I tried to check it on multiple browsers and ugh, I even went back to Chrome. Checked it for updates and got our favorite error–woohoo! Not sure who to blame but maybe Oprah has the solution.


@Mattches; just tried it and the update worked now. I’ll try on my other PC maybe Sunday evening.

And I updated the title to show “Error” and not “Crash”. There is no crash lol.


I got this exact error while trying to upgrade to the same beta version (probably even from the same beta version). After several attempts, I closed down all instances of Brave and downloaded/ran the installer directly and the upgrade was successful.

Probably still a good idea to research this issue, though. I was going to create a thread about it, but got antsy and decided to try other potential solutions.