Error try again later message with Brave Ads

I keep getting Error try again later message when I try and claim my Ad points.

I’m using the brave browser on my iPad.

Does anyone know why I keep getting this message and not being able to claim the ad points


Same here, when touching the claim button nothing happens. It’s kinda dead.

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Are you both seeing the same error message as Error in claiming brave rewards or is the text slightly different?

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Alex, it’s exactly that error-message.

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Mine says Error in bold, followed by Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again.

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Same here, italian version but same message “oops something went wrong etc” (translation)

Hi Alex,

Do you know why it’s doing this?

I checked in with the iOS team and there are at least 4 different reasons why this error message could occur, however the case I see quite often is when people uninstall and reinstall repeatedly.

Not in my case, never uninstalled (just updated when released)

Hi Alex,

How do you mean uninstall and reinstall repeatedly? I have only downloaded the Brave Browser once onto my Ipad. Still getting this message.

So still no solution?

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