Error Region Unsupported

When will Brave reenable unsupported regions? I also had the same problem where my laptop broke down and i cant connect my brave to the browser anymore. I have read older forums about this issue, but no one stated when will the fix be back.

Brave had so many issues ranging from incorrect payouts and now this …

edit: I had just claimed 3 BAT and then tried to log in but after the Error - unsupported region message came out, the 3 BAT is now gone. Typical issues with Brave browser… pls fix!

Nobody knows. And just so you know, it’s not 100% on Brave. It’s an issue between Brave, custodial wallets (Uphold and Gemini), and various governments.

Well, if you’re not in a supported region, you’ll not be able to connect Brave to Uphold or Gemini.

Create a Support Ticket.

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