Error: region not supported”


I live in Colombia. M my Brave account was verified with Uphold and I was collecting my BATs in my Uphold wallet since 2019. However, recently it got unverified (idk how??) and every time I try to verify it, it says “error: region not supported”.

I am venezuelan but i live in Colombia since 2019. My uphold account was openened in Colombia.

Please advise

@ENAIZA I understand your account was opened in Columbia but I’m wondering, was your passport from Venezuela? What ID and paperwork did you submit when you created the account?

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I sent the Venezuelan passport. Now, I already have permission to stay legally in Colombia. So what should I do now? How do you send this new document for validation? Uphold also stopped assisting Venezuelans (thanks for the discrimination), but I still have my account active because I’m residing in Colombia.



So what should I do now?

If you have a valid form of identification/documents that states you are residing in Columbia. You will need to go to your Uphold account and change the Venezuelan passport to an eligible form of Columbian ID.

How do you send this new document for validation?

It would be best to reach out to Uphold Support for assistance on the matter.

You can find more on their FAQ

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As SaltyBanana mentioned, you’ll want to update the information with Uphold. Otherwise their system tells Brave’s that you’re in Venezuela, all because of the document you used to verify.

Which then links you to submit a request at

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