Error: region not supported to Ireland

I’m not even sure, to be frank. The information I’m giving is based on how things have been phrased to users in the past. Both Uphold and Gemini will do their verification, often where it’s as simple as just updating with the address. But the problem comes when it’s having to link to Brave, as the API and requirements between Uphold and Brave. You can be fully verified with either Gemini or Uphold content with your information, but Brave’s system won’t be content and will not let you link to them.

That’s what your issue is right now. It isn’t necessarily all about Uphold or Gemini, but it’s about how they need to have info that Brave is seeking. If the computers don’t relay that info to each other, then you’ll have problems. What makes it worse is that Brave staff can’t actually see what is being communicated through the API. It’s kept hidden as part of their contract with Uphold. It just communicated enough for fraud prevention and all.

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