Error: Region not supported South Africa

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I am getting this when trying to login to my Uphold account. According to the Non-Supported Jurisdictions list South Africa is not on it. What could be the case and how do I fix?

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short version = your region isn’t supported anymore. Brave has restricted who can connect to Uphold or Gemini for a while. They are slowly adding regions back, but there’s no schedule/timeline given. It could be weeks, months, or year(s).

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Just ran into this issue too after my Uphold hit its 90-day re-auth date.

With Gemini dropping South African support, and Brave now dropping support for South Africa in Uphold, that’s unfortunately the end of the line for me.

As far as I can see, there’s no regulatory reason for Brave to drop support for South Africa, suggesting it’s something else. Without some indication from Brave about what’s actually going on and what the chances are of it being fixed, I can no longer participate in this experiment.

I have no interest in the rewards programme if there’s a chance I’ll never be able to withdraw my crypto. It was fun while it lasted.

Thanks @Saoiray for all your efforts in keeping the community informed about the rewards changes. Your responses to these threads and your PSA post were really helpful.

@SIGSTART Not sure if you saw the most recent, but they did share more info after I inquired. I create a topic here (as I often do) to share with everyone. You can read it at PSA: More info on Unsupported Region

In that they kind of want through and partially/generally discussed why they pulled support, especially in regards to recent changes on Gemini. Also have some changes coming out, which is in Nightly now, which will help to get regions brought back. They are still aiming to get everyone back by the end of the year.

Chance of that should be at or near 0. They are working on getting everyone back.

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@Saoiray “Also have some changes coming out, which is in Nightly now, which will help to get regions brought back” are you talking about the upgrade where you have to choose your country to earn rewards or is this the update that they were talking about in q4 when brave wallet will be linked to rewards? also is there any update on that coz it’ll be exciting to see how it works? and will it launch in nightly first?

@Deandada I was referencing the conversations that had occurred on the Community Call where they mentioned things like how people choose their country. That is supposed to make things a bit easier for them and reduce some of the issues. In the meanwhile, they are also waiting for Uphold to work on some things on their end. Once Uphold finishes making necessary changes, we should see a lot of countries added again.

Obviously what is unknown is how long it will take, if anything will be bounced back for Brave to handle, whether unexpected problems will arise, etc. But what we do know is they are working on things and we just have to be patient.

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