Error "region is not supported for Brave Rewards"

I see that there is a flurry of complaints after confirmation of verification between Brave and the Gemini exchange “region is not supported for Brave Rewards”.

Well… until last month (June 2022) the wallet was verified and the last credit was made on 06/09/2022.

I have normal access to Gemini exchange, via browser. I can log in normally.

Currently the problem occurs regardless of the operating system (Windows 10 or Ubuntu 20.04).

I’m from Brazil as NOW is not on the CURRENT list, how are ALL credits ?? WHERE is Brave transferring the credits if there is no more connection between the Brave browser and Gemini ??


This happened to me yesterday too. I’ll put snapshots to prove how my browser behaves.

Since then I can’t log into my uphold account and can’t even receive BAT from ads. If someone that understands this problem could help, I will thanks a lot.

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Please see the latest here regarding regions eligible for verification.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply. So, Brazil is not supported anymore.
RIP Brave browser, it was nice to use you.


@Evan123 I had just sent a DM to Steeven asking about something like this for someone else. I understand the region not supported thing but what’s going on with this bit that says to login with Uphold to see balance? There are people who are saying they never Verified and now they suddenly can’t see their balance.

At first I thought it was just one person but now I’m seeing the one here too. Kind of weird if something is going on that’s “hiding” BAT balance for unverified Rewards.

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it was uphold now this. what a sh-t show

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Hello i’m french user my wallet uphold don’t connect .

le gouvernement veut nous baiser la gueule une fois de plus
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Suddenly happened to me in South Africa. One of my browsers has somehow disconnected and now gives the error. Other browser is still logged in.

So yes now it affects me. But what does this actually mean in plain English to us? Does it mean that even though we were registered and earning rewards, we now earn nothing at all? Or are we still earning but we can’t see them in Gemini? It’s not very clear.

I somehow can’t believe that something we have been using fine for 2+ years is suddenly taken away from us? That would not seem ethical. I really think this needs to be spelt out a bit. Authentication is one thing, but what does it mean practically for daily users who were registered before?


Yes just not good to lure people in globally, and then just drop a whole lot of them. I have no idea now what happens to my BAT sitting in my Uphold wallet. What Gemini have to do with the Uphold wallet, etc. Really think this should have been spelt out a bit clearer as to the impact it has on current registered users.

It’s this sort of complexity and changes that people don’t like. And is only going to give Brave a bad name.