ERROR:Region currently not supported

I created an account with uphold in India and recently moved to Canada. After moving I have updated my uphold with Canadian proof and KYC is completed and my uphold account has Canada as Country and Ontario as State.
I am living in Canada now and when I try to connect brave rewards with the above mentioned uphold account I am getting the Region currently not supported Error.

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Did you provide Canada passport? Or did you merely update your address? If only address, it’s not good enough. You need to update passport to show Canada. It uses passport to determine your country.

I have given my Canadian drivers license and my Bank account details as a proof for them

Which may be good. Big thing is to contact Uphold and make sure they replace your India passport with it. If they haven’t done that, then API only shows Brave what they have put there. If this was just recently done, it might take some time.

If you’d like, you could also try to submit a Rewards Support Ticket at just in case someone from Brave might be able to assist. But overall it’s the API reflecting the account information as provided by Uphold, so it’s generally Uphold that needs to make sure things are done properly.

I have made this changes 15 days ago. How long does it take to get reflected?
Do I need to check with uphold?

@gokulrajnt I would definitely get in touch with Uphold. The big challenge is Uphold doesn’t always require changes to things like passports. So when people just are changing address, that’s typically all they change. There’s no second thought about their API for things like Brave. As a result, if you didn’t specifically request that update, they likely didn’t do it.

Hi @Saoiray is there any updated from the uphold regarding this issue ?

@gokulrajnt I wouldn’t know. As I instructed, big thing was for you to double check with Uphold and also to make sure you’re submitting a support ticket with Brave. Did you get the support tickets done for both places?

If you did Brave’s, you should have received a confirmation email with a ticket number. If you can post here when you got that done and your ticket number, it’s something Support can reflect on it need be. But it’s only going to be Uphold and Brave that can help. I’m just another User who volunteers time and tries to help kind of triage issues and resolve basic level stuff. Anything that requiress access to your personal information and accounts is beyond what I can assist with.

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Hello, I have a similar problem. i have a german passport, and i cant connect to uphold. Every time it tells me, that my country is not supported. I have talked to Uphold support. They say the problem is on your end, I should contact Brave. Please assist. Thanks

Because Germany isn’t supported.

How so? It hasn’t been supported in over a year. You can check list of supported countries at

Keep in mind this isn’t talking about countries where Uphold allows you to have an account. This is speaking about countries that are being permitted to link Brave Rewards to Uphold. And currently, Germany is being restricted by Uphold. You can see Germany is still on list that Uphold is limiting at

ahhh okay, my bad. And is it about the country where the passport is issued in? Because in my case that is Austria. Also, I live in Austria. But i am German (nationality). Is the outcome still the same? Thanks for your quick reply.

That’s correct. It goes based off of your passport for the primary method through the API.

So this would be your issue. If you can get an Austria passport and get Uphold to update things on the back end so it reflects in the API, it might work. Of course, you would also then need to make sure your country selected for Rewards is Austria and not Germany. Otherwise it would give you a Country Mismatch error because it would see Germany for your country but Austria on the passport (assuming it was updated)

Okay, my passport is already issued in Austria… Therefore, let me conclude with the information you gave me, that the next step for me is to contact Uphold, to update things on their back end.

How do I select the country for rewards? I assume you are talking about an update through Brave or was this referring to Uphold?

If it’s already been selected, then you have to Reset Rewards. This will have Rewards kind of go back to like you just downloaded the browser. If you have any vBAT, it will be lost. That just would exist if you’ve earned BAT before the Rewards changes back in February.

To reset Rewards, you’ll just navigate to Rewards and then look for the Reset button toward the top:

Is there any way for me to prevent losing my BAT? Could you transfer them to my updated account? Also, where can I see which country is currently selected? Thanks, Saoiray!

Hello, any updates yet on the issue?

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