Error: Región actualmente no admitida (SPAIN)

Estoy en España y hace mucho tiempo que me dice que esta región no esta admitida y antes funcionaba. Por que pasa esto? ya pase horas buscando la solución y nada funciona; por favor quiero que vuelva a funcionar

For your information, Spain has been added back. Please check the list at

If you have any issues, kindly ping here. Someone will help you :slight_smile:

I know it should work in Spain, but I always get the warning of an unsupported country and I don’t know why? It used to work for me, it stopped working, I uninstalled and installed brave again and I did other things and nothing works, that’s why I’m asking here.
If you can help me, thank you

Is your passport from Spain?
Did you do the KYC /AML for Uphold using Spanish Documents?

Yes, I have all the address of Spain; I don’t know if KYC was done, I was looking and I couldn’t find it

Could you contact Uphold and check what nations ID was used.

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