Error on yesterday's update [Windows "blank window" issue]

Win7 64 bits. It was good for a few hours yesterday but the blank screen issue returned. Updates cause problems quite often…

Where would the brave uninstall.exe be saved? Because I can’t find it. The Uninstall issue might just be that simple. If the file doesn’t exist (or isn’t where it should be) uninstall would be more difficult.

You can try this method one of our devs @clifton recommended in a separate thread:

Edit: Just wanted to add that we’re still testing this on our end to try and discern the cause of the issue (core launching as blank window) is, but it seems to only affect Windows 7 users. Appreciate everyone’s patience on this.

Thanks for the update. I’m not sure what to do with that registry file, so that will have to wait.

Is it affecting ALL Windows 7 users? Considering you’ve only gotten a few people affected, I wonder if there’s something beyond just “Windows 7”? Some other way to narrow it down?

Its definitely not all Win7 users.
I was actually able to install and update from Muon without issue on my Win7 machine, and I know there are other users who’s migration went swimmingly.

We’ve had some issues with Win7 in general. My inclination is that it’s just old software that’s slowly receiving less support in general (from MS and chromium). Should have better info after the weekend.

Thanks for working with us on this.

@Mattches Any updates or information? It’s been almost two weeks…

Sorry for the long wait. I haven’t heard anything about this but I’ll try and bug some people about this …

I would appreciate it. I’m sick and tired of Google and their nasty tracking popups. If it’s not going to get fixed, can you direct me to another good browser that is not Google, IE or Firefox? Two weeks on Google is about as much as I can handle.

@Lauren, I’m confused.
You’re trying to uninstall Brave from your computer, is that correct?

@Mattches That’s part of it. It started with the blank window, which still persists. One of your developers suggested using regedit to uninstall, but I’m not familiar enough with that to be comfortable with it. I found conflicting instructions online, so I tabled that one. You said earlier that if we can solve the uninstall error the other might be resolved. I have now been on Google for two weeks because of this problem and I would like to get off it ASAP.

(*Edit: As I expected, the error I initially reported got lost under the uninstall error. I WANT to use Brave, but if the whole screen remains blank [original problem] then it’s useless and I need to find something else)

I tried to install the Brave update, but in stopped during the Installation procedure, and a box came up showing “Error 1073741845”.

At the same time, my Kaspersky Internet Security reported that the installation included a trojan virus, and that it would disinfect the virus and restart the system.

I then tried to install Brave from scratch from the website, and the installation stopped with the same error, and again, Kaspersky flagged a trojan virus.

Please let me know what is going on and how to fix it.

Thank you,


Apologies for the confusion, I just read your reply incorrectly - that’s my bad.

We just released an update to v0.58.16 which you can download from our website. Would you mind trying to install this version and seeing if the “blank window” issue persists? Let me know what you find.

Would you mind grabbing a screenshot of that error message? You can copy/paste images directly into this form’s editor.
Additionally, Kaspersky has been flagging us as malicious for a while now (false positive). We’ve been in contact with them to get our software whitelisted but communication has been slow. Another Community member @MediaBird had a way to whitelist Kaspersky per-update I believe, if you’d like to try that so you can at least get the most recent update :point_down:

Installation Error Screenshot:

Kaspersky Warning Message Screenshot:



Worst case scenario, you can go back to Brave Muon and see if that brings back your stuff.

NOTE: It won’t fix the broken version of Core that you have but it should get you access to your bookmarks again:

OK, some additional information. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine and he was able to uninstall Brave and make sure the uninstall was clean. He did it through a program, not through the registry or through program manager. He then scanned the system to make sure there were no leftovers and deleted those as well.

We did a clean install from a new download from the Brave website and the same problem recurred. Still a blank window, BUT after the clean download we were able to uninstall normally through Program Manager. Hopefully that will give your developers a bit more information.

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@wearyman It looks like the files on this page are dev versions? Will BraveSetup-x64.exe give me back the Brave version that I lost when I upgraded?

I did it again today, it still works great. :+1:

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Thanks for the info!
Just to confirm, you:

  1. Removed all Brave (chromium version) from your computer
  2. Attempted to install newest release (v0.58.16) from Brave website again, which resulted in the same blank screen issue

Other than installing and getting Brave (chromium) to run (that is, install without the blank screen error), is there anything else you’re having trouble with?

Thanks for that! Yeah it looks like Kaspersky is blocking the install. Sorry about that. @MediaBird has given a workaround so you can install the latest update at least:

No, just the blank window, but if that can’t be fixed I’ll have to find another browser. I thought that was what we were working on for the past two weeks.

It is, I’m just making sure everyone’s on the same page.