Error on video playback, error 100000


Sony XZ1, Brave 1.0.54, stock Android 8.

The video playback gives issues on on various sites. When I click a video it shows an error like “Video cannot be played because of an technical issue. Error code 100000”

It also does not work when all blocking is disabled.
The same video’s do work with standard Chrome.

Best regards Chris



Hi @Chrisdude,

Thanks for reporting. Can you also provide an example sites where the video not working?




Sure, (main Dutch news site)

Strange, on I never had issues, but started after the last Brave update. There are more videos that do not play, but can’t recall the URLs.

In some cases the video player just keeps loading, but never starts. It does give a preview though.

Thanks, Chris



Hi @Chrisdude

What are your shield settings for thechive site? Also, did you change them before/after the update?

I tried 1.0.52, 1.0.53, and 1.0.54 and I see the same behavior (on this particular site) for all versions.




No matter what settings I use, all ON or all switched OFF, it will never play the video.

By the way, you wrote your test results are all the same, but not what the result was? :wink:

Just tested to be sure, with Chrome on everything works fine. But with Brave (blocking switched off) it gave the error 100000 again.




Hi @Chrisdude

When I navigate to a video on thechive site (for example, this one: )

In 1.0.52, 1.0.53, and 1.0.54 I have to allow Ads and Tracking in order to be able to get the video to play due to the pre-roll add on this video. FWIW, this is the same for me on Brave on my laptop as well as Chrome with uBlock.

Unfortunately, I’m not reproducing the video playback error. @Mattches could you give it a try and see if you can reproduce?




I tested your link:

  • when protection is ON, I just get a white area and nothing more.
  • with protection OFF I receive the error 100000
  • with Chrome it just works

Are there any other settings on Brave that could cause this?

Regards Chris



Another main news website gives the same issue:

Blocking ON or OFF just gives error 100000.



@serg @samartnik do either of you have any ideas on this one?



Late to the party here, but I’ve tested on my end:

I confirmed that navigating to (used this as an example) and attempting to watch a video leaves a blank white screen where embedded video lives. Doesn’t respond to tap or long-press actions. However, the video will both display and play if Shields are down or if Block Ads/Tracking option in shields panel is disabled [as @LaurenWags stated earlier].

I know this may seem silly, but can you ensure that you have set Brave to allow video playback? To check, go to Settings --> Site Settings --> Media --> Video playback in Brave

Confirm that the option is set to Enabled. There are times where I’ve seen sites/media players that require Autoplay to be enabled as well before they will start. May be worth checking to see if that’s enabled as well (it’s in the same Media menu you navigated to).

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Hi Guys, got some news.

First I tripple checked all settings as Matt suggested, but they were all fine.
Then I reinstalled Brave (deinstalling caused my phone to freeze, which I never had before), and after new installation everything seems to work fine. Although tweaking of the protection settings is needed to start playback, but I assume that is down to how the specific website is configured.

I think initially something went wrong during upgrading to the latest Brave version.

So far so good. Thanks a lot for all your help. If you would like me to report details to you please let me know.

Thanks, regards Chris