Error on roblox page

Hello, I have a problem when entering the roblox page, it says that the connection is not secure (before this did not appear) I tried putting on the screen ¨thisisunsafe¨ it sends me to the page but it does not load correctly and it does not let me do anything in it. Please help me

“Connection not secure” means the site is being accessed on the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS.
Nowadays, sites should be redirecting HTTP to HTTPS but not all of them do.
Brave should upgrade to HTTPS by default (can be switchced off) but only sites in the “https everywhere” list get the treatment – they should call it “https somewhere” but that’s another point.
Long story short, bookmark it making sure the url is “https://” and always use the bookmark to open it.
No other option that I know of, but the feature will be revamped eventually, or so I’ve been told.
The “thisisunsafe” thing I did not understand.

https issue should be reported to roblox forums/community support. We upgrade http->https already and Chrome will be doing so soon.

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