Error: My account is under review

simply shows they have no utter respect to you

Might be because of spam activity

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Te cuento que me la bloquearon por segunda vez sin razon ni motivo alguno

As soon as I was expecting a payout my account was suddenly “under review”.

Brave approached ME about a sponsorship for my YT, now as soon as I’m meant to be paid out my account is conveniently under review?

This needs to be fixed immediately.

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Te desbloquearon? dime como hiciste mano

I don’t understand, Brave supporter not answer my problem

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I wrote numerous unanswered emails, I’m sorry I’m very disappointed

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To anyone watching this thread:
If your account is under review or suspended, please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

Please remember that we get 100s - 1000s of support requests every week. We want to ensure that anyone who’s account was flagged gets accurately reviewed and receives a response. In order to do that, please exercise patience and we will address your account when we can.

Thank you.

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