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  1. I have received a few ad notices that when I click on them result in errors while being loaded (aka they are blocked)

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Repair links or sites of ads.

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Additional Information:
It seems strange that ads that Brave is supporting would be blocked by the very app that is creating them.

it’s is not necessary to click on them

Not concerned whether it is necessary to click on them. If I wish to see the ad it is helpful if the site isn’t blocked in the first place. See the irony, that a Brave ad is blocked by Brave.

No, he is affirming and me to. You don´t need to click ads to receive earnings. What i see strange is that it got blocked. You can share a screenshot and/or the url linked?

Maybe the ad is old and the url don´t exist anymore or they have moved the domain. In any case it should not be any problem with income. Also maybe is something with your connection or service provider.

Do you remember what ad caused this for you? or no matter what ad you tap on there’s problems?

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