Error in the Hide Address bar and toolbar at the bottom

The address bar located at the top and the toolbar located at the bottom should be placed hidden when scrolling, but it is quite often left unturned.
I think this bug is an error that directly conflicts with the current usage trend of the latest phones. Because I think it’s fatal that there’s something that can’t be used in the Android market that’s going to punchhole on the big screen.
The current error is that the function being developed malfunctions in certain situations, and although we do not know all of the specific conditions, the inductive condition is considered to be the case when the tabs are open or multiple access addresses.
And this problem also occurred when I used the Secret tab for a long time without closing it.
Of course, this is an error analyze and debug your code that cause the surface area, based on the conditions the user is thinking, not if.

Assuming that we’re solving the current problem, we’ll be able to experience much better UXUI if we scroll through the Hide Address Pane and Toolbar function, move in synchronization with descending rather than following late, and reduce the deal

Finally, I think the aforementioned immediate task should be solved as soon as possible. Because it’s a big problem that could cause the user to leave

Thank you for reading my poor writing and I am not a dog who wrote this to open it, but I use Brave very well and I love it, so I hope you will be better than other browsers, so please remember to write this

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