Error in claiming brave rewards

Can someone please tell me what to do?
Every time I click the claim button, an error occurs.

I have exactly the same problem, my device is synchronized with the PC, and yet what is gained by my Iphone is not reflected on the PC either!

Thanks for reporting @darelavita @Goluis1 .

cc @Mattches @sriram on this.

Wallet sync is not yet available. Brave Sync only sync your bookmarks across devices.

Did you get a similar error message when trying to claim token grants before?


I’m having the same error when trying to claim the November rewards and been trying for a few days (maybe 5 or so). I tried both from WiFi and 4G, to make sure it was not a connection problem.

I’m running on iPhone SE 13.1.3 and Brave 1.14.1

I was able to claim the 20BAT airdrop, but not the November rewards payout.

Any suggestion?

As side note, had no issues with the rewards on my laptop.

Thanks in advance

I am relatively new to Brave. These error messages are a recurring issue in both my pc and phone.
I don’t know how to claim the rewards without a problem. Thanks.

This is being investigated.

I was finally able to claim the tokens today. I didn’t do anything special, just been trying pretty much every day.

Someting is fixed, because I was able just now, too.

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