Error in claiming April 2022 Payout - And nothing after that


Since 8th of April I have been looking for the claim Button everyday for the BAT Tokens I had earned in the month of March. Yet i am unable to get any response and now i am also unable to see my Reward history for the Month of March. My Estimated earning in March was supposed to be 0.852 BAT but now it’s only showing me the Estimated Earnings for the month of April.

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Yeah, same happened with me at the beginning, just yesterday the button appeared for the first time, and then this happened.
So I would say be patient. it should appear any time for you, hopefully today!

I’m also having same issue. Tagging @steeven for help.

I’m having the same issue. I tapped the claim button and I got “an error has ocurred. Try agai latet”, but there was no later the clain button never apeared again and I never got my bats for the month of april.
Please, fix this. My user is ramjfer.

same here i got the human verification on the 8th, error processing, got it again on the 15th, error processing.

Thanks for your patience here. Were you eventually able to successfully claim your April BAT? If not, please DM me your Wallet Payment ID which can be found here brave://rewards-internals//

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same happened with me @steeven

ive checked three times, i know this is the real steeven, but i feel like im about to be scammed lol, i havent received march bat, but im guna wait for other ppl to dm first :joy: :rofl:

The Claiming button/badge never came back!
I’ve just sent you a DM including my Wallets Payment IDs that I wasn’t able to claim the rewards for.

hey saydnaya can you please let me know how this goes for you, cheers

Sure will. Still waiting for Steeven to pick up my DM.

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I also have a problem with the payouts for April 2022 and I haven’t been asked to claim them. I have a connected Geminie account.

But I also have an extra issue: my estimated earnings were 2.9 and the somehow the sistem showed me I am granted only 0.81.

If some has any infor, please let me know where can I find out more. There are too many comments and posts to take so much time scrolling.

This is regarding unverified wallets. Verified wallets were done processing as far as I know (I got a wallet connected to Uphold and that was processed fine).
Regarding the amount you received, sometimes it doesn’t credit you all the “estimated” rewards, but the remaining will be carried forward to the next month for sure. This has something to do with the settlement/cut off day of the ads around the end of each month.

Hi, hopefully this update from earlier today will help: April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update

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I verified my wallet long ago when I created it.

I was just reading that when you verify it with Gemini, you still need need to “claim” the rewards. My bad.
With uphold, the rewards get deposited automatically without the need to “claim” them on the browser.

Update 21/4/2022
The famous claim button appeared again, I got the same error, and then it disappeared again. nothing was credited to the wallet. (Unverified).
Not sure if I should try this on my other 2 browsers which the claim button just appeared again or just wait a bit to how it’s going for others!.
@steeven are the claims gonna be appearing again if it errored out?
Is there anything I should or can do?

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Here are the screen shots from Today April 21st, 2022 - Same issue the button disappeared and nothing credited.

Hi Everyone.
This morning I got the BATs credited to my wallet. (There was no claiming button, they were just credited to my wallet).
The last thing I did was 2 days ago when I tried to claim my rewards again and I got the error in the screen shots, and then the button disappeared.
I hope you got (or soon will) get yours as well.


did you dm steeven your claim id? if it worked for you im guna try it