Error: divice limit reach

please I really need your help how I can fix this issue? When indeed no other devices link to my uphold account at this moment. In my previous connected account it was accidentally I cleared the storage data of my brave browser there’s nothing any other devices connected to my accoun since then. how come it reach to the limit when there is no one is connected? please help I want to connect my brave browser to my uphold account or can I just recover my previous account? or can I make/create another uphold using my name also? please suggest what would I do to reconnect my browser once again. thank you.

You can use this to reset 1 device for Uphold, however, it will take quite some time for them to process. You will have to wait until they email you back. Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Each install of brave counts as a device limit. So even tho you do not have active accounts connected, it still counts as a device towards the limit, this includes all reformats you may have done where you re downloaded brave and connected it to Uphold etc.

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