Error: Different account (Uphold)

Hi, I’ve made an account years ago here with issues. I’ve made another account years prior on accident because I forgot I had an account. when I’ve gotten a notice, I had to sign in to my 2nd account. Leaving the 1st one non-existent. All of which was solved, I’m now using a secondary account as my main.

The 1st account can’t be used anymore and i assumed the coast was clear. But when i noticed on brave rewards that I was unverified, i logged into my 2nd account and it said this:

“Hmm, it looks like your Brave Rewards has already been verified with another Uphold account. Please try verifying again using your previous account.”

There’s no way to sign in to my original account and i have no idea how to solve this. Is there any recommends?

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You need to raise a ticket at

Hopefully someone can unlink the prior Uphold connection.

@FAV1996 I’m kind of curious of your story, because you can only have one Uphold account per person. So talking as if you have multiple Uphold accounts makes it sound a bit fraudulent. (hence why I’m curious about the story of how you ended up with a second account)

That part aside, essentially the answer is as SmartyAadi mentioned, where you can submit a support ticket to see if Brave can unlink it for you.

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Thanks for the help from both of you. Apologies for the late reply

As far as my story, (As annoying as it sounds) My father helped me get a brave account as my first try with the browser. I was dealing with college and art at the time, I didn’t think much about brave nor seeing any impact from it. (As i’ve heard it takes time for money to grow when it comes to ads)

Eventually later after i got my personal issues controlled, i got into brave again. For one, it is my fault for forgetting my password. So i decided to create a new thinking it would be no issue. Months after I finally got the notice, fixed and verified my personal information to the new account im actually using for now on. But then (I also forgot when), it gave me the said error im having now.

I was frustrated and confused when i got that because i thought they would terminate my old account in favor of the new one. I verified everything. Once again, i have only have said 2 accounts. The new one ive created i wish to remain stable and far from the old one as much as possible

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