Error: Different account uphold

Error: Different account. It said it is verified with my previous deleted uphold account. I have a new uphold account now, but cannot link/verify, what can I do?

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Welcome to the community! First of all let me ask; who deleted your account? Or is it you deleted it ? If you are the one who deleted your account , did you inform Uphold that you are going to deleted so that you wont have a duplicate accounts as it is not allowed to have duplicate accounts for your safety and security. If you did not talk to them in order for them to delete your previous one, it is likely that the system is still holding your previous account details, the error will always occur.

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@erroraccount You have three options.

  1. Don’t change your Uphold account. You are only able to have 1 account per person. For you to have had a different Uphold account linked and trying to switch does come off as suspicious and possibly fraudulent. Even hearing you say you deleted it, not quite sure why you would have deleted and come back. Anyway, that’s just a passing thought.

  2. Reset your Rewards or Create a New Profile within your browser to start from scratch. All BAT in your browser will be lost. At that point you should be able to link your new Rewards to your new Uphold

  3. Create a Rewards Support Ticket and see if they can do a wallet unlink, so your current Wallet Payment ID is not associated with your prior Uphold account.

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