Error: Device limit reached.Your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because you've reached the maximum verified device limit

Cannot add my device , I cannot remove the previously linked devices because that O.S. is gone , and cannot link it currently on Manjaro , even if i am having 1 linked device in android phone i cannot link more just because the previous OS is gone

Please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

how long does it take? I requested it two months ago. Not even an email to show they have received my request and are working on it.

It is received and it will be addressed. Apologies for the long wait on this.

Can you tell us exactly when there is no limitation on connected with uphold…

Because i have received a mail and there i saw limitation is permanently removed in this end of the month…

It was originally slated for the end of this month, but I believe it has been put on hold until this months payment issue has been resolved. They want to make sure that one problem is solved before releasing another update.

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