Error: device limit reached - Second time this has happened


I have just had to reinstall windows on my computer and have run into the device limit reached error again. This is happening because I reinstall windows relatively often on my PC and when I do brave see’s my pc as a totally different computer so thinks I have multiple devices connected even though I only have my desktop and phone connected. Last time this happened I got some help from brave staff to removed some of these unused accounts so that I could verify my desktop again.


this normally works if the device limit is the issue.
hope it helps

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Thanks for the reply. I have just put in that request

@DamnMetalBars Okay, so you have the request for your wallet to be unlinked. I want to advise you of two things really quick.

  1. If you’re going to be doing reinstalls relatively often, then I’m going to say you might want to learn how to do a backup of your browser and then put it in each time, that way you’re not losing BAT or having other complications, such as hitting your wallet limit.

The Backup & Restore method given to us by Brave UNTIL they implement the official method of it can be seen in the Reddit links below. (Pay attention to what chriscat says and follow instructions)

  1. While this won’t help you now, figured I’d also let you know that they recently have stated they are looking to have the wallet limits removed in about 2 months. We’ll just have to wait and see if that comes about.

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