Error: Device limit reached - On same device

Recently I have formatted my laptop and reinstalled brave browser.
When I am trying to verify my Gemini Wallet, it’s showing “Device limit reached”.

But I am using brave on only 1 device. Same device but just reinstalled it after format…

Kindly help

I am not totally certain if you can use this to reset a device for gemini or if it is only uphold exclusive. However, yes even tho it is the same device technically, in terms of brave device limits they mean any time a new brave browser is downloaded. This does mean if you re install brave 4 times on the same computer yes it counts as 4 device limits. They will be soon havuing a way for us users to remove devices but it is being worked on at the moment.

que solucion hay pera este problema no puedo agregar mis recompensas a mi cuenta uphold, me sale un error:Se ha alcanzado el límite de dispositivos
Tu perfil de Recompensas de Brave no se puede verificar porque has alcanzado el límite máximo de dispositivos verificados. tienen alguna solucion.