Error de privacidad

Hace unos días comencé a tener el problema de “error de privacidad”, “la conexión no es privada”, nadie ha interferido con mi internet y no ha pasado nada con el, Brave sigue bloqueando cualquier búsqueda a pesar de eso.

Hi, sorry my Spanish is rusty, however hopefully I can still help; and feel free to run this thru a translator if necessary.

Please add another screenshot after you click on the ‘NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID’ text. You should see something similar to this:


You might have a malicious extension installed. Please disable all extensions and try again; also you could try in a Private window, or test it in a new profile.

Is this on a personal/home computer, or at work? Another thing that could cause this is a proxy, if it is attempting to change the SSL certificate. This can be a malicious process, or, a company proxy could do the same thing if it is at a business.

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Hi, no matter the language, in the same way you help me a lot, I tried to uninstall the extensions and the problem was not solved, this pc is for domestic use, the router and the pc have not been modified at all but here is the capture of the that you talked to me.
Thanks for your help

Thanks for the info.

There are a few things suspicious about the certificate you’re getting:

  • It is specifically for, but that is not the site you requested. It is possible that would redirect you, but according to the first screenshot, that has not happened (yet).
  • The issuer (DigiCert) doesn’t look like what I am seeing for issuers for the .mx site. You can see it with an independent verifier, example:
  • It is very rare now (in fact it is discouraged) to issue a site certificate with a lifetime longer than a year. The certificate you are getting has a lifetime of 10 years.

Something does not seem right.

  1. What operating system (mac, Windows, etc.) and what version?
  2. Is your operating system kept updated?
  3. What version of Brave is it, and where did you download it from?
  4. Do you have any security software installed? Is it up to date?

1.My operating system is windows 10
2.Yes, has all the updates
Brave was downloaded from the official website, not from another source
4.I have windows defender and Malwarebytes (I only have windows defender working)

I would update Defender and Malwarebytes and run a full scan with each of them.

Also, do you have Chrome installed? If so, is the behavior the same?

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