Error Code 5 Issue

I have an “Error code 5” issue with Brave on M1 MBA running Sonoma 14.2.1.

I will open a new tab, type in a search query into the URL bar or search bar on the home page, hit enter, and then the CPU cores ramp up to 100%, the page becomes unresponsive, and after five seconds the page will show the error message.

If I run the same search in private browser mode, this does not happen.

I’ve cleared all my cookies and cache and the problem persists.

Brave Browser:
Version 1.61.120 Chromium: 120.0.6099.234 (Official Build) (arm64)

@bullett023 this usually is a big indication that it’s an extension you’re using. There are three differences between normal and private windows

  1. Private opens with no cookies

  2. Private had extensions disabled by default

  3. Private clears all cookies when the session is ended.

If you’re saying clearing cookies and cache had no impact, about the only remaining possibility would seem to be an extension.

Of course, other thing I didn’t mention is if you have a different search engine set for Private and you do for normal, which you can adjust at brave://settings/search. If search engine you’re trying to use has an issue, could also be…

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