Error code- 403

Attempting to connect webpages via link in e-mail.

Instead getting a Oops something went wrong error code 403 page.

This happens time after time through e-mail.

@Parzival1 checked on my end the sport site works fine

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do you have the same with other links?
I searched for the 403 error, which probably occurs when you have no rights for this website.

“If this error code is displayed, the user is not allowed to open the website.”

I have the same thing happening with all the links on this e-mail site. It works just fine with Firefox. It’s a pain in the ass to have to use two browsers to get work done. This problem only occurs on Brave browser.

Its not a sports site its an e-mail site.

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I’m getting this problem using

It’s not bad when the url is displayed as a cut and paste into the url bar is simple but not so much with a click button. As a work around, I right-clicked on the button, copied the link address and pasted it into a url encoder/decoder to clean the url.

A fix would be appreciated

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