Error code 0x8007000e when trying to install Brave


i seem to have a problem when trying to install the brave browser.

what is strange is that i initially installed Brave on 07 Mar 19. At that time it did install properly and i was able to use it for four days. On 12 Mar 19, when i tried to run Brave, i received an error that - This Site Cannot be Reached - . I tried my other browser Firefox and it worked with no problems.

I thought that some file my have become corrupted, so i tried to reinstall the Brave application. When i did this, i immediately received the message that the installation had failed and reported error code 0x8007000e.

i then went through the uninstalling and cleaning procedure using CCleaner.
i also downloaed a fresh copy of the BraveBrowserSetup.

I also went through my directories to try and remove any traces of previous installation and attempts.

When i tried installing Brave, i received the same error code.

I am using Windows 7 x64. my cpu is an intel i5 and i have 6 gigs of ram.


any help would be appreciated!

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disable antivirus and install again


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