Error claiming on IOS

I’ve been using the brave app on my phone for a while with no issues. But for the last couple weeks I haven’t been able to claim. I keep getting an error.

Hi @Samsonality - thanks a bunch for reporting! Have you updated to the latest version released yesterday? 1.16.2.

It appears I have 1.16 which was update May 12.

Hi @Samsonality - that was 1.16.1 I believe. Try updating to 1.16.2. Thanks in advance!

There are no more updates available at the moment. I’m in Canada. Maybe it’s not available here yet…

You may need to manually update. You’re not seeing an option for 1.16.2? Thanks in advance!

just updated to version 1.17 today, still experiencing the same issue described that I’m not able to claim rewards

I am also still having the same issues. I’ve updated to current multiple times and I still get that message!

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Hello, i have the same message on my iPhone. I have the latest version of brave and always the same message appears. impossible to claim my rewards

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I have this message show on my iPhone but not on my iPad. seems like no one have no idea what’s happenning.

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