Error claiming on IOS - May 31/2020

I’ve been using the brave app on my iphone Xr since 11/19/2019 and haven’t had any issues until the my last two BAT claim periods. I keep getting this error. I would try deleting brave and just reinstalling but I don’t want to potentially lose my BAT from 11/19/2019 till now. I did try turning brave rewards off and on and that didn’t help.

Phone: IPhone Xr, version 13.4.1
Brave: version 1.17

Thanks for reporting @smithjosh115. Had you already claimed your May ads claim in the previous version?

Thanks for the quick response. I don’t believe so

I am having the same issue claiming on my iPad.

Same error message.

I have been trying to claim since May5th (updated Brave a few times now) but have always gotten the same error message.

iPad Air (3rd gen), 13.4.1
Brave version 1.17

Thanks @smithjosh115 - just to confirm, this also appeared on the previous version?

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Yes. I updated to 1.17 a couple days ago. I noticed this issue back in the first or second week of May and figured it would be resolved in the next update.

Thanks @smithjosh115 - when you have a moment can you send me your Rewards Internals?

@steeven I’m not sure I know what you mean by “rewards internals”.

Sorry @smithjosh115 - can be found here - brave://rewards-internals/

@steeven this link brings me to a blank screen on mobile. It appears to not have any info on mobile. It shows my various IDs when I open it on my desktop brave but nothing on mobile.

Ah my bad, this works for android. for iOS it is located in the settings panel -> Brave Rewards -> Wallet Creation Date - Copy/paste.

@steeven I sent you my info in a private message. I wasn’t sure if that info is confidential or not .

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