Error checking and disconnects alone

I don’t know what’s happening, since February this year, bats no longer automatically go to my UPHOLD wallet.
And these days something terrible occurred to me, when checking the bats at Brave Rewards it accused a communication error since I never touched it, and it asked to check the wallet, and now it shows me that the wallet exceeded the account limit, since I only use the same computer, I didn’t disconnect myself and my mobile.
He asks to authorize the wallet via UPHOLD and I do so and does not bind. And secondly, now there is a second license to be linked to GEMINI, but this one I can’t even do the verification of identity documents, I’ve tried it, Driver’s License, Passport and my Identity Card and nothing either.
Now I have some money sitting in the browser and I can’t format my desktop either as I will lose these values.
I’ve tried the process within the UPHOLD applications to deauthorize, and authorize again and error persists.
I get upset about this, as something that is promising and causing a lot of headaches, not only for me, I see many people with the same problem. And what’s more, the even bigger initial of the bats/USD doesn’t go straight to Uphold. And now this device limit.
I got in touch with UPHOLD and they just give me the forum. Want a company solution

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