Error adding more websites

Hi, when I try to add one more website, it tells me that I have reached the limit and to contact support. I even deleted a website to add one more but it keeps coming up with the same error.

No answer or solution?

Similar topic with Brave support response:

Specific post from support:

You should DM support staff with “the email linked to your Creators account” and see if they can help. If you do not get a response, then submit a request for support using the form linked below. Or your could do both.

Hope this helps. Take care.

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Thx a lot ! This issue for me is resolved :slight_smile:

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You should mark your post as the solution so that other community members and/or Brave support know your issue is solved.

Thank you for your response. I sent the message but still no response. I will try the help center.

@marifer Submitting a request is probably a good idea at this point. Payout cycles can be a really busy time for Community moderators.

I am still going to go ahead and tag @Mattches and @steeven. They may post to your topic if they have any additional options or information.

Thanks @marifer, reviewing now.

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