Error 9. No pages will open. Brave then crashes. Lost open tabs

Brave was working fine then suddenly no tabs would open. Error 9, it says. Using Mac OS 10.12.2. Then browser crashes. I reopen and try to restore. Crashes. Tried not to restore but lost tabs. This is the second time in two months of first use of Brave that this has happened. Any solutions or do I just move on to find a browser that will work?
Using Safari to write this but Brave search will not work on this, so cannot search for issue.

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
It appears that one of the tabs your opening/had open is conflicting with Brave or with an extension you have installed. Can you tell me:

  • What extensions you have installed at this time, if any?
  • If you don’t restore tabs, does the browser work as intended?
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Thank you so much for your reply.
I have uninstalled Brave (saving the default file) and installed Brave Beta, which is working OK. I did not want to lose carefully curated bookmarks.
However, I can answer your questions.
I was not using any extensions.
The browser still crashed and refused to open tabs (error 9 on all, including preferences and bookmark manager) when I DID NOT restore tabs.
Furthermore, the tabs opened had worked fine for a few hours before the meltdown.

As I said, this was the pattern the first time I used Brave on this machine (Macbook Pro running Sierra). Brave has worked extremely well until this complete crash.
Naturally, I don’t trust it now, so I will try this Beta version, regularly exporting bookmarks to salvage them. But if this happens again, I will have to find a browser that offers reliability.

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Is there any suggestion as to why this problem develops without there being any extensions and with sites apparently working well one day and then crashing the whole programme the next?

hello sir my brave is not working
Crash dump id: 43290000-3dab-ec05-0000-000000000000 100% 901K=0s/usr/bin/brave-browser: line 48: 115528 Bus error(core dumped) “HERE/brave" "@”

i am using ubuntu 20.10 and my brave version is: Brave Browser nightly
i have tried to disable gpu and sync but still not working…

Please open your own thread here on Community and someone will be happy to assist you.

If you weren’t using any extensions, the most likely reasons are:

  1. One of the sites you were trying to load was conflicting with Brave and causing the undesirable behavior. To resolve this, we’d have to know some more information about the 9 tabs you had open before the crash.
  2. Could be a cache/browsing data issue – you can try resolving this by going to Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data (I’d recommend doing it for all time if you’re comfortable with that).

Now a new or perhaps related problem with the Brave Beta programme. This was working very well, then my MacBook Pro shut down unexpectedly. Brave message invited reopen but just get the "app quit unexpectedly - ignore - report - reopen message, and whatever I click, I get that message back repeatedly when I try to open Brave, ad infinitum.

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