Error 12 while updating Brave on macOS

Regarding this post: Release Channel v1.8.86

I was going to update Brave today and ran into error 12. As nothing helped (restarted Brave, settings-reset, closing all other tabs) I deleted Brave, followed by a fresh install to get the newest version.

What might happen to see error 12 with the suggestion to try again later?

System is on macOS 10.15.4 (19E287)


Hi @thommes - were you unable to update?

Hi @steeven, sorry I thought that I made that clear - yes! I always got error 12, so I had to delete Brave, followed by a fresh install.

I got something likely to: “An issue occurred: error code: 12 - try again later” and later I got the same message. At least, after several attempts, I was going for a deletion and a re-installation.

Hi @thommes - thanks for the additional info. After the deletion you were able to successfully download?

@steeven short answer: yes I was. I’m now running the latest version of Brave.


Thanks for the update @thommes!

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