ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Brave Not Working but other browsers are


Getting this message for some reason. I can’t find an explanation. Internet works fine for all other browsers on my cpu.

Please Help!!! I don’t know where to get help.

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Hello @brawlaphant

try to use brave in private mode while disable all extension

if it work then the issue wither with one of your extension or you need to clear your cache/cookies

if it did not work then what is your setting there brave://settings/security

specialy the DNS section

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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To recap what you said:

Use private mode and disable all extensions( I don’t see how this will keep this from occurring, I will get this message, and not be able to browse for 1-10 minutes), I will try it though. It just seems weird because I am not doing anything unordinary. I really like the rewards.

What got it working last time is I had quit the browser. Turning it off completely.

I did clear the caches, but upon using today I got the message again, but I turned off the browser and it worked in moments bringing me back here.

The DNS section seems to have a custom section which I don’t understand. I am using the standard regarding this.

Thanks again, but I cannot say that this solved. I hope this gets more clarity and resolves somehow. I will update.

cause sometime cache/cookies get currpoted and sometime extension make some issue

that why i need to see what the setting you have there

you welcome but i do not know what you did now

and does it work fine now or what?

It didn’t work.

I removed the extensions. cleared caches and cookies, the DNS section is standard.

I still get this message. It wasn’t bothering me for awhile but now it is back today and I can’t find anything I am doing wrong.

go to brave://settings/security and disable secure dns and see if it help

what you did earlier and make it work ?

I quit the application after clearing caches and cookies.

After writing you. It began working again. I will try your DNS suggestion.

if it work after clear cache then probably it cache/cookies issue or one of your extension curropte it

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