Erase rest of string from URL feature

The uploaded image is edited for giving the actual idea of the feature.

In case of a large URL I cut down sub URL to go back to the specific page, But only the option available is that is cut specific URL and repaste it or just go back many times.

Many new peoples start deleting URL from right to left till he reaches his desired URL.

Sometimes a large URL crosses the limit of the address bar and we have to scroll it and delete some part from URL.

Erase rest URL(Minus rest String from selected URL) or Erase rest and Search:

This feature has automatically erased the rest of the URL that not selected.


In the uploaded image I visited GitHub and goto Brave browser repository page and reaches h ttps:// link.

But, I want only h ttps://, This feature will erase the rest of the string from URL that not selected.

You can add Minus- (erase string from right) or -Minus(erase string from left) from the cursor position.

I request to Brave team to add this simple and effective feature in the browser to make browsing a little easier.