Epic search failure

I just did a search on the exact name of an article “The Great Reset Is Real” and included the name of the website on which it is posted: compactmag.com. Brave search failed to present the article in the results. I then included the name in quotation marks followed by compactmag.com. When I chose to use Google it found it immediately and placed it at the top of the list. This is REALLY BAD. If this is how Brave search works when you know exactly what you’re looking for what are we to think about the validity and fairness of a general search?

The search engine is still in beta. If you decide to keep using Brave, you can help make the searches better by going into the search engine section of the settings menu and activating “Web Discovery Project: Contribute some anonymous search & browsing data to refine Brave Search.”

If not, give it some time, they’re still working on developing it.

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